Level up next generation learning

Scoutlier is a free, versatile web platform tailored to secondary school science and engineering.

Level 1 – Everyday Engagement

Quickly capture invaluable discussions, reflections, vocab checks, science probes and more to inform your next steps for teaching.

Level 2 – Guided Inquiry

Make collaboration and peer evaluation a critical part of your go-to science lab, structured engineering project, or guided inquiry.

Level 3 – Unleash Discovery!

Let every step of projects, open inquiry and design, successes and stumbles, construct a rich shared portfolio of deeper learning.

Can I see a demo?

How do I get started?

Everyday Strategies

Get started using everyday strategies.

Even small exercises promote critical thinking skills that our students need, and they’re easy to share with an access code so you can seamlessly capture and hear your students’ ideas. Make a Copy of a Design Bank Level 1 assignment and share a code with your class today.

Practice Science

Expand your Science and Engineering Practices

Embed questioning, modeling, investigating, argument and more in your Next Gen class. Copy and edit flexible Design Bank Level 2 templates to meet your students’ needs and course content. Dig deeper with the right consistent questions for science labs, EDP, and guided inquiry.

Explore Everything

Build a classroom culture of confidence and trust as you free your students to explore with open inquiry, design thinking challenges, Project Based Learning (PBL) and capstone projects. Copy and tailor Design Bank Level 3 templates to manage the wonderful chaos that comes with the most enriching learning experiences.

Promote Equity

Value every learner. Scoutlier gives you the ability to collect responses and ideas in the modes you choose to best support your students, from photos, videos, and audio clips to writing, multiple choice, and scientific data. Different types of answers give your students a chance to share knowledge in their authentic voices, and build communication and critical thinking skills.

Scoutlier platform is accessible anywhere on any device. You can do plenty on the web and free Scoutlier mobile apps open your digital assignments to learning offline – for long after school bus rides, poor or no home internet access, field trips, or citizen science. See Mobile Learning.

Next Steps . . .

Now it’s time to sign in and setup your account. Watch the video for help getting started.

Any educator can Login with Google to create and share assignments with a code, or Google Classroom teachers can choose to Login in with Google Classroom to share assignments with their Google Classroom roster. See FAQ.

Mobile Learning

Teachers create and share exclusively on the web app.

Your students can learn collaboratively on the web app, or in a singular fashion on free mobile apps.

There are lots of reasons to learn offline: after school bus rides, poor or no home internet access, exotic field trips, or citizen science. Have your students download free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Update: We will update the apps for activity access with Assignment Codes soon! Now they only work through your students’ Google Classroom accounts.

Google Play
Apple App Store

Student instructions for using mobile apps with Google Classroom accounts

  1. On Wi-Fi or data plan, have your students sign in to the scoutlier app with their Google Classroom accounts (probably school email addresses)
  2. Click on the assignment to download it
  3. Go! Now they can work on or offline and their answers will be saved
  4. Hit [Submit] when they’re back online
  5. Sign in to see class answers on your web browser




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