Scoutlier User Guide: Teachers’ Notes

Scaffold Lessons & More: Scoutlier's SuperUser Tips

You’ve set up an account with Scoutlier and looked at lessons in the community library. You may have even copied a lesson to use or created one for your classroom. The next question you may want to ask is “What else can I do?” Do you want to scaffold lessons or use it to check in with parents?

We can share what some of our superusers are doing to make great learning happen everyday. We have asked them about their best practices with implementing Scoutlier in their classrooms. Here is what they said.

Those who use it daily

  • Use it as a tool to scaffold lessons to support very diverse users.
  • Scaffold learning by linking to a variety of resources. Students can choose one or all to view in order to access information on their level.
  • Create a space for one stop checking. Everything is submitted in one place instead of countless emails and platforms to check.
  • Pull in an online textbook and resources at various reading levels to support student learning.
  • Post activities for additional sites and ask for students to submit screenshots to post in Scoutlier showing what they did on those sites, providing a one-stop experience for checking.
  • Assign reading and videos in different locations to support learner needs and post questions in Scoutlier giving students the opportunity to write, speak, or video answers. 
  • Use daily checks and work in conferences with students and parents. 
  • Do the hands on learning of labs and explorations with the prep and checks in Scoutlier.  

Those who use it weekly

  • Create one assignment for the week with 4-5 tasks. 
  • Use tasks as the daily checks and formative assessments during the week (do now, exit ticket, classwork and/or homework).
  • Find that setting up the whole week in one assignment allows student to preview what is coming, to know what to look for, and to pay attention as the week’s learning progresses.

Do you have a best practice for how you use Scoutlier? Share it with us here


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