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Scoutlier enables you to quickly author and assign easy-to-follow activities that your students can complete independently on any device in the classroom or at home, by taking or adding pictures, video, audio, as well as entering text and numerical data. You can choose to have your students share their work and collaborate with the whole class, or you can use the activity to assess individual learning. In either case, you can track and grade all of your students’ work and coach them in real-time. Scoutlier is fully compatible with all major Learning Management Systems, including Google Classroom.

Start teaching with Scoutlier in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Create an account

Click the CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT button from the homepage and use your school or personal Gmail or Microsoft email to set up an account.
You can also set-up Scoutlier in your Google Classroom.

Screenshot of the teacher login dashboar

Step 2: Build or borrow an activity

It only takes a few minutes to convert your lesson into a Scoutlier activity, especially when you use our Design Templates to help you on your way. OR you can borrow and edit one of the many activities created by our expert Scoutlier teachers, curriculum partners, and users just like you.

Screenshot of Scoutlier platform dashboard

Step 3: Assign work to students

Send your students a link and code for your Scoutlier activity through email, text, or your LMS, or assign it through Google Classroom or Scoutlier Classroom

Showing pathways on how to share assignments with students

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