We are a woman-owned education company that seeks to achieve effective and equitable learning outcomes for all students through technology support.

Imagined by educators and scientists from the Sana Project at MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and incubated at 4pt0 Schools, we launched Scoutlier in 2018 as a tool to collect face-to-face and remote evidence of student learning with funding from the Office of Naval Research Education and Workforce and Naval STEM Coordination Office.

Scoutlier was chosen as a Top Pick for Learning by Common Sense Education in 2019 and was an Editor’s Pick for All Digital School this year.

From our beginnings in career-inspired STEM, we now support over 3,000 teachers in subjects as diverse as Art and Music, English and Foreign Languages, SEL and Special Education, and Vocational Training, who build and share lessons, and participate in our virtual professional development programs.

With our partners we also provide rich, expert-developed resources to support face-to-face, hybrid, and remote learning in high-need areas, including:

And we facilitate learning in non-traditional learning environments, such as Maker Spaces and Special Education Transitional Programs.

If you want to learn more about us, please reach out! We would love to know more about you and how we can help.



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